It’s not what you eat that's most important, but rather how you eat

Is emotional eating sabotaging your weight loss efforts? Have you tried all the diets in the world to gain control of your eating, only to be left feeling more frustrated when your willpower again didn’t work? This program will teach you how to manage your thoughts and feelings so that you can eat without guilt and shame and finally get to and stay at your goal weight!

Have you had enough of fad diets?

The 12 week ‘Breaking the Fad Dieting Habit’ online program consists of:

  • 1 individual consultation to teach you how to eat correctly for your body. This session can be done virtually or in-person

  • 2 follow up consultations at week 6 and 12 to work on individual progress

  • 12 weekly group sessions to teach you different strategies to deal with thoughts and feelings that are sabotaging your weight loss efforts. These sessions are presented virtually via Zoom

  • Extra material on the 12 sessions that you can read through and listen to in your own time. Each week's material is released on the Monday

  • Group support during the weekly group session and via the private Facebook group

Do you want to lose weight for good?

Benefits of the ‘Breaking the Fad Dieting Habit’ online program:

By eating with your body’s physiology and learning to deal with your thoughts and feeling correctly, you will see many health benefits -

  • Weight Loss

  • Better Energy Levels

  • No Physiological Cravings

  • Improved Metabolism

  • Constant Moods

  • Better Sleep

  • Increased Fat Loss

  • Improved Digestion

  • Healthier, happier life

Do you want to conquer your emotional eating?

What do I require to take part in ‘Breaking the Fad Dieting Habit’ online program?

  • A desire to improve your relationship with your food

  • Commit time to working through the material and attending the weekly Zoom group sessions

Why ‘Breaking the Fad Dieting Habit’ online program is for you:

Our eating plans are not a ‘one size fits all’ as we all have different needs and lifestyles. This is why ‘Breaking the Fad Dieting Habit’ has combined an individual session with the group program.

  • Individual Consultation

    In the individual consultation you will learn how to structure your eating plan for best functioning of your body. This will firstly ensure that your body is in the best possible state to lose excess weight and secondly will allow you to be in a mental space where working on your reactions to your thoughts and feeling becomes easier and you don’t feel like you are fighting against the impossible.

  • Group Sessions

    The weekly group sessions will help you to learn new ways to handle your thoughts and feeling with non-food reactions and give you the time to explore different ways of approaching your difficult situations. You will also get group and nutrition support through the private Facebook group to keep you motivated and accountable.

  • Practical Approach

    ‘Breaking the Fad Dieting Habit’ brings a practical approach to your emotional eating. In the 12 sessions you will be taught different strategies that will help you learn how to manage times you would normally go to food. Working together as a group for 12 weeks will bring you the support to create healthier habits and keep you moving forward.

Do you want to learn to eat intuitively?

What you will receive with the ‘Breaking the Fad Dieting Habit’ program:

  • A 12 week online program, teaching you how to handle your emotional eating, that you can do from the comfort of your home

  • 1 x individual session with a registered dietician (either virtually or in-person) to set up a personalised eating plan for you to use through the program (and beyond)

  • 12 x group sessions taught by a registered dietician and run virtually through Zoom every week

  • Access to private Facebook group for group support during the weeks, moderated by a registered dietician

Why ‘Breaking the Fad Dieting Habit’ will bring you success:

Most people taking part in the ‘Breaking the Fad Dieting Habit’ can expect to lose weight, but results vary depending on your age, activity and how much dieting you have done in the past. When you get your eating structure right your metabolism will improve and start to work at its best, which will lead to weight loss. The correct eating structure will also take away unnecessary cravings, which will help you to become aware of your feelings and emotional and enable you to work on making positive, lasting changes.

Do you want to enjoy all foods without guilt?


Registered Dietician

Kim Hofmann

Hi, my name is Kim Hofmann and I am a Registered Dietician in South Africa. I have been working as a dietician since 2005. I knew from a young age that I wanted to work with people, assisting them with their issues. Growing up in a healthy household, made me very aware of food, and I realised early on that many people worry about their weight. At the same time I also went through my own issues with food and weight. After taking a year off to au-pair in Germany, I came back ready to study. I started with a BSc at Wits, majoring in Psychology and Physiology. I then went on to do my honours in Psychology before moving to Cape Town to study Dietetics at UCT. Thereafter I was able to start on my mission of helping people eat and live healthy. My interest has become more focused, and I particularly love working with people who want to lose weight, but can’t seem to keep it off because they are stuck in a diet mentality and their feelings around food have become disordered. To be well balanced we need to look at nutrition, exercise, stress (or quietness), as well as our emotions and thoughts. Finding the reasons behind why the binging and other unhealthy habits are around and how to change them is the key. I now have a successful private practice in Claremont. I see clients one-on-one at my office but also help those who aren't able to come through via Skype or Zoom. I work with a wide range of people, from those seeking to lose weight to those with special medical needs.


"Kim is an experienced dietician who manages to balance the realities of daily life with meaningful eating plans. Her input is practical and encouraging, never unreasonable. I would recommend attending her online course if you are serious about taking charge of your eating habits."

"Thank you, Kim for an incredible online class. Your passion to help others shines through, and I have learnt many key points that have debunked the myths about food and gave me a sense of confidence to eat better." MN

"I was extremely happy to come across Kim Hofmann, and with her assistance, she was able to not just motivate me to live healthier, but presented me with ideas on how to improve my existing lifestyle with little tweaks here and there. The guidance has been amazing and will forever be with me. I felt supported in the journey to becoming healthy and to reach my goals. Thank you so much for your valuable time." LJ

"A key aspect to why I enjoyed the class is you remind me that one can lose weight without cutting out an entire food group. You allow for carbs and treats and in a world that so often frowns upon this – I find that this is refreshing and allows me to lose weight successfully without putting myself on a path to fail by cutting out food groups." TM

"I think this course is great to be able to demystify all the overwhelming information that’s out there on what to eat and how to eat. It’s an interactive session that will give you the tools to create a better eating plan for yourself, not something that has been created by someone else. It’s a break down of getting back to the basics on eating, to help you identify what works best for your body." NO

"This is a professional well thought out , easy to follow program. It gives you the all the knowledge and confidence to take control of your own eating plan." DF

When will ‘Breaking the Fad Dieting Habit’ begin?

  • This 12 week online program will begin on the 6th of September 2021

  • Today to 6 September - registration

  • 6 September - 10 September – book your eating plan session

  • 14 September – meet up via Zoom for the first group session

  • Book your place now

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‘Breaking the Fad Dieting Habit’ online program is for you if you:

  • Have found that dieting has not given you long term success

  • Have had enough of fad diets

  • Want to conquer emotional eating

  • Want to lose weight for good

  • Want to eat intuitively

  • Want to enjoy all food without guilt

Course Topics

  • 1


    • Welcome

    • Consent form

    • Tell me about yourself

    • Join live

  • 2

    Pre-session – Personal reflection, awareness, journaling

    • About the pre-session

    • Template - Food diary

    • Video - Keeping a diary

    • Goals template

  • 3

    Week 1 – How are you doing on your eating plan?

    • About this week

    • Adapting your eating pattern to assist your physiology

    • Video - Improving your metabolism

    • Video - Weekends

    • Video - The importance of planning

    • Water

    • TedEd video on water

    • Video - The lowdown on fizzy drinks, energy drinks, vitamin water, etc.

    • Coffee and Tea

    • Alcohol

    • Join live: Tuesday 14 September 2021 at 18:00

    • Activity Summary

    • Replay Week 1

  • 4

    Week 2 – Are you fad dieting again?

    • About this week

    • What is a fad diet?

    • Ted Ed Video - How to spot a fad diet - Mia Nacamulli

    • What are the health implications of fad diets?

    • What is fad dieting

    • Why do we crave foods?

    • How to control your cravings

    • Nurtures

    • Treats versus cheats

    • How to incorporate treats into your lifestyle

    • TedEd video on sugar

    • Join live: Tuesday 21 September 2021 at 18:00

    • Activity Summary

    • Replay Week 2

  • 5

    Week 3 – Portions, hunger and satiety

    • About this week

    • Portions, portions, portions

    • The most important rule for eating

    • The many different types of hunger

    • Satiety: how do I stop overeating?

    • TedEd video explaining hunger and satiety

    • Mindfulness

    • Mindful eating by Newsy

    • Mindful eating exercise

    • Hunger and satiety log

    • Join live: Tuesday 28 September 2021 at 18:00

    • Activity Summary

    • Replay Week 3

  • 6

    Week 4 – Stop, think, decide

    • About this week

    • Implusivity

    • Do you suffer from impulsivity?

    • TEDx video - the secret to self control by Jonathan Bricker

    • No deprivation!

    • Stop, Think, Decide

    • Stop, Think, Decide

    • Join live: 5 October 2021 at 18:00

    • Activity Summary

    • Template for trigger-thought-emotions&behaviours logging

    • Replay Week 4

  • 7

    Week 5 – Mistakes are made for learning

    • About this week

    • What mistakes do you feel you have made over the last few weeks?

    • Mistakes are made for learning

    • The theory of learning from your mistakes

    • Video on why making mistakes is good for your brain

    • Ted Ed talk on being wrong by Kathryn Schulz

    • How do I learn from my mistakes?

    • What have you learnt from your dieting mistakes?

    • Common mistakes people make when dieting

    • Join live: 12 October 2021 at 18:00

    • Activity summary

    • Mistakes Log

    • Replay Week 5

  • 8

    Week 6 – Make food choices because of how your body feels, not what you think

    • About this week

    • Why should we choose to eat healthy?

    • Issues with the Westernised diet

    • Super Size Me summary

    • What is healthy eating?

    • Why do we constantly veer away from a healthy diet?

    • How do I stop thinking about food all the time

    • How do I stop binge eating?

    • Three important steps to conquering binge eating

    • Join live: Tuesday 19 October 2020 at 18:00

    • Activity Summary

    • Goals checklist

    • Week 6 Replay

  • 9

    Week 7 – Child versus adult decisions

    • About this week

    • Why do adults sometimes act like children?

    • Why do adults sometimes act like children?

    • How adults behave just like children

    • Signs of emotional childishness

    • Anger is a child response

    • Defence mechanisms

    • Empowering your inner child

    • Healing your inner child

    • Activity summary

    • Join Live: Tuesday 26 October 2021 at 18:00

    • Week 7 Replay

  • 10

    Week 8 – Revisit your goals and focus less on weight loss

    • About this week

    • Weight Obsession

    • The mind-set shift

    • Do you need to lose weight?

    • Measuring progress without the scale

    • Revisit your goals

    • How to stop obsessing over weight

    • Shift your focus from losing weight to gaining health

    • Think yourself thin

    • Join Live: Tuesday 2 November 2021 at 18:00

    • Activity Summary

    • Goals Template

    • Replay Week 8

  • 11

    Week 9 – Be aware of the excuses you make

    • About this week

    • Introduction

    • What are excuses?

    • Why do we make excuses?

    • The consequences of making excuses

    • How to stop making excuses

    • Video - stop making excuses

    • Do you make excuses or take initiative?

    • The anatomy of excusses

    • Video - Mel Robbins and the 5 second rule

    • Conclusion

    • Join Live: Tuesday 9 November 2021 at 18:00

    • Activity Summary

    • Replay Week 9

  • 12

    Week 10 – Letting go of perfectionism

    • About this week

    • What is perfectionism?

    • The pros and cons of being a perfectionist

    • Are you a perfectionist?

    • The perfectionist mind-set

    • What causes perfectionism?

    • The rules we live by

    • How do we stay stuck in perfectionistic behaviour?

    • What will changing perfectionism involve?

    • TEDx video - the perfection detox by Petra Kolber

    • Are you a perfectionist dieter?

    • Tedx video - ending the pursuit of perfection by Iskra Lawrence

    • Join Live: Tuesday 16 November at 18:00

    • Activity Summary

    • Replay Week 10

  • 13

    Week 11 – What is your sabotage?

    • About this week

    • What is self-sabotage?

    • What causes self-sabotaging behaviour?

    • What are your self-sabotage triggers?

    • Tedx video - self-sabotage by Beth Clayton

    • How do we know if we are self-sabotaging ourselves?

    • Tips for overcoming self-sabotaging behaviours

    • Why do we self-sabotage our diet?

    • The diet sabotage

    • Situations that can sabotage your weight loss

    • Self-sabotage from the child/adult perspective

    • Tedx video - know your inner saboteurs by Shirzad Chamine

    • Join Live: Tuesday 23 November at 18:00

    • Activity Summary

    • Replay Week 11

  • 14

    Week 12 – Helpful vs unhelpful eating habits – don’t let unhealthy habits develop (again)

    • About this week

    • Are your unhealthy eating habits creeping back into your life?

    • Common unhelpful eating habits

    • How to get back on track if old eating habits have popped up again?

    • Get your eating habits back on track with the 3 R’s

    • List of everyday eating habits

    • Video - mindfulness

    • Video - negative thoughts

    • Join Live: Tuesday 30 November at 18:00

    • Activity Summary

    • Replay Week 12

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any other questions about the ‘Breaking the Fad Dieting Habit’ online program? Send us an email on or WhatsApp us on 0842062715 and we’ll have a chat.

  • What is the cost of the program?

    The program cost is R3200. This will get you an individualized eating plan, 2 individual follow up sessions during the 12 weeks, plus 12 weeks support and learning new ways to manage your eating.

  • Do you offer payment plans?

    We do offer payment plans. Please speak to us to arrange for this option.

  • What happens if I miss a group session?

    The group sessions will be recorded and loaded onto your notes for you to listen to at your convenience. It is best to attend the classes, but you will still get all the material if you miss a class.